Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Digital Painting :S

Hoho... up since six, which is a MIRACLE because I love my bed....
Second year has been, well rather busy... More busy then I would like :S I really want to improve on my own pace, which is really hard to do with all the homework. I should really update this blog more often, but I get really chicken out looking at other people's amazing blog.. T^T
Now I think I need to loosen up a lot more and just have fun with this. I had fun doing this, playing with textures for the first time and such, even though it's kinda fugly now that I'm looking at it. =/ Sigh.. I need to learn how to just do it and not care so much about the outcome, and focus on observing and learning it.

Until next time, hopefully soon.......

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


First painting assignment =)
Had fun doing this, could still fix some contrast issues here and there. I think I like acrylic better than gouache, although still needs a LOT of work =/

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Traditional Painting

UPLOAD T^T I really should post here more often.... Oh well.
Here is some of the traditional painting that I have worked on in the summer:
 Gauche painting of a little girl that I thought was pretty cute. Kind of weird looking here because I took it from an angle =/
 Gauche painting of my favorite flower, red spider lily.
 Marily Monroe, although it looks nothing like her =/  Acrylic
 Phantom of the Opera! =P Also acrylic 
 Gauche still-life
Life drawing painting of a nude model, 5 hr-ish. Acrylic. 

Hope everyone enjoyed their summer =). I will try my best to finish my other works, and maybe post more often @.@

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Digital Painting Dump

Lol... I said I was gonna update daily, guess that is out of the roof =P....Been doing at least an hr of digital paintings everyday now, slow slow SLOW improving.... God I need to go out and observe some real people -o-..
      Here is some digital painting I did over the past month:
Done when I was feeling moody, around 50 mins?
Hoho.... Inuyasha... done in a REALLY REALLY bad way -o-
 Study of a picture done with 100% opacity.. took an hr.

God.. This look gross and took me forever to do.. I was practicing my line with it... so the outline alone took me around 4~5 hrs.... ORZ....... and his arm.. omg...... and the background........ i dont want to touch it so, here. Done for me avatar crazy friend =)

I was in love with Hulk the moment I saw him transform <3..... Body according to photo, background made up with reference. Worked on it for an hr~2hrs everyday for around a week... so 6 hrish.....
 Geez.. My portrait never looks like who it suppose to me... Self-portrait, done in an hr and half.
 Lol... Had the most fun doing this today... Finished it in an hr.. Will for sure consider doing one for the whole AVENGER cast.

Will keep on working hard... Learning gouache right now and will need to go back to life drawing soon.. gotta keep my stupid pose from being so stiff -o-///

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Lazy lazy LAZY summer =/

I should get my butt moving and do some serious drawing >.< !
Here is what I've been doing for the past week.. God  I suck at portrait! I can never get it to look
ANYTHING LIKE who it suppose to be =(... Well, must try harder~

Shall try to post daily from now on. =)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Hello Summer!

So.. School is over!
I can't believe how bored I am now, there is so much I want to do but I am still bored.
So here is digital study of lips I did, the last two are actually famous people. See if you can guess who =)

Happy summer~

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Upload =)

Arrgh!  Promised to upload weekly, but does not seem to find enough time or work to upload. So much homework to do, and I am behind still =(. I do not even have to time to digital paint, can not wait until animation is done Q.Q.... Here is just some homework I did for the past 2 weeks.
The assignment is to explore different texture:
 This one is Artist interpretation. I used glass, fur and rusting iron... I don't think I got any right =/.
 Nature. Self explainable.... I hope =S
 This one is werid. So I choose to use food =). I got pizza, Swiss cheese, lime and cake.

         We have to paint a fantasy/science fiction scene contrasting between night and day. I had the most fun yet difficult time doing it. It's the first time I ever had a clean image of what I want to look EXACTLY in my head, but I just had so much trouble actually doing it. In the end, I just did the best I could without running out of time. The idea is a city made of food in a glass ball. It's a contrast between salty food (burger, fries) and sweet food (cake, ice-cream). Wow, sounds so much cooler in my head -.-

Monday, February 13, 2012

Digital Paintings

Here is my digital painting so far =).
Been a bit upset for the past few days, maybe I shouldn't hold so much expectations because it always end up lead to disappointment =(
 This is for character design assignment from last semester. We were suppose to imitate an artist's style and I picked Benjamin because of the colours he was able to use in his digital paintings. I try to paint myself, with an nose job =P.
A speed paint I did of Tangled lantern scene during winter break

 Hankyung, which looks really bad now =/ Need to know how to paint skin...

Kim Jaejoon of JYJ (DBSK), I did it because it was his birthday.

Me, with my classic (wtf?) face and a new haircut.
I am bit obsessed with Gerard Butler and The Phantom of the Opera lately, so I tried to paint him... Of course, it looks NOTHING like him = =

Something random I did in Digital Tools =/
I actually started this LOOONGGG time ago, and decided it's not going anywhere so I should stop fixing it
 =P just a speed painting, around an hr? 

I am growing to be interested in Chinese Opera, not the music part, just the make-up and clothes =) So I decided to paint myself with the "face".. The pattern in the background belong to a random internet search.

Since the beginning of the school, I had being trying to finish a quick digital painting ( or at least start SOMETHING). I still need to get better at EVERYTHING =( and sometimes I feel my patience is wearing thin....

P.S I think I shall officially make Monday my update date =)

Monday, February 6, 2012

homework dump 2

Man I should post here more often....
I think I rediscover my passion for art, especially for painting! =) Which is good because I been questioning what I am doing to myself.
Here is what I have so far, some of them are from last semester =/
Last semester's portfolio : I have more pieces... just don't remember where I put them now =/

             The big and small assignment:
             I did mine on a robot attempt to help a girl get off a ruined building. It used to be a cliff but i changed my mind at the last min... T-T I don't really like it.....Except the robot =)  

        Still life: I definitely could used a bit more time on it...I need to learn how to paint less watery... =/

Master Copy: Finished it last night around 3 Q-Q...... I HATE TILES...... Can't get the colours right =/ Can't post the black and white one because it looks soo bad.... It's from Aladdin =)...

Been doing a lot of digital paints lately, will do a separate post of them soon , so stay tuned =)