Monday, February 13, 2012

Digital Paintings

Here is my digital painting so far =).
Been a bit upset for the past few days, maybe I shouldn't hold so much expectations because it always end up lead to disappointment =(
 This is for character design assignment from last semester. We were suppose to imitate an artist's style and I picked Benjamin because of the colours he was able to use in his digital paintings. I try to paint myself, with an nose job =P.
A speed paint I did of Tangled lantern scene during winter break

 Hankyung, which looks really bad now =/ Need to know how to paint skin...

Kim Jaejoon of JYJ (DBSK), I did it because it was his birthday.

Me, with my classic (wtf?) face and a new haircut.
I am bit obsessed with Gerard Butler and The Phantom of the Opera lately, so I tried to paint him... Of course, it looks NOTHING like him = =

Something random I did in Digital Tools =/
I actually started this LOOONGGG time ago, and decided it's not going anywhere so I should stop fixing it
 =P just a speed painting, around an hr? 

I am growing to be interested in Chinese Opera, not the music part, just the make-up and clothes =) So I decided to paint myself with the "face".. The pattern in the background belong to a random internet search.

Since the beginning of the school, I had being trying to finish a quick digital painting ( or at least start SOMETHING). I still need to get better at EVERYTHING =( and sometimes I feel my patience is wearing thin....

P.S I think I shall officially make Monday my update date =)

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