Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Digital Painting Dump

Lol... I said I was gonna update daily, guess that is out of the roof =P....Been doing at least an hr of digital paintings everyday now, slow slow SLOW improving.... God I need to go out and observe some real people -o-..
      Here is some digital painting I did over the past month:
Done when I was feeling moody, around 50 mins?
Hoho.... Inuyasha... done in a REALLY REALLY bad way -o-
 Study of a picture done with 100% opacity.. took an hr.

God.. This look gross and took me forever to do.. I was practicing my line with it... so the outline alone took me around 4~5 hrs.... ORZ....... and his arm.. omg...... and the background........ i dont want to touch it so, here. Done for me avatar crazy friend =)

I was in love with Hulk the moment I saw him transform <3..... Body according to photo, background made up with reference. Worked on it for an hr~2hrs everyday for around a week... so 6 hrish.....
 Geez.. My portrait never looks like who it suppose to me... Self-portrait, done in an hr and half.
 Lol... Had the most fun doing this today... Finished it in an hr.. Will for sure consider doing one for the whole AVENGER cast.

Will keep on working hard... Learning gouache right now and will need to go back to life drawing soon.. gotta keep my stupid pose from being so stiff -o-///

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