Monday, November 21, 2011

homework dump!

       So here I am, posting my work so far...
        I think I really enjoy doing art (duh! Otherwise I would not be in this program) but sometimes the idea of draw all the time scares me a little =.=.... I think the to-do list just got longer and longer as each passing days....
        No matter how hard I tried, my mark range will always be between B to B+. I used to be pretty upset about it, but now I just felt it is more important to improve on a personal level first. A lot of talented people around me had been wanting to do this for many years, but I NEVER thought about taking art seriously until 2 years ago. Sometimes I still wonder if I made the right decision or not. =/
        So below will be some of the homework I did for the past few months. I didn't upload any life drawing or character design homework simply because I am not even satisfied with any of them enough to upload them...

Life Drawing:


Animation (just the marine animal):
Any feedback will be greatly appreciated =).

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