Sunday, November 20, 2011

hello, this is Jane

I'm sooo sorry TWT!! I had to change to another url for my blog ( simply because it's too hard for me to remember (stupid, i know -.- )
I being meaning to update in AGES but never had to time to ( or just too lazy), I will try to update date my work as much as possible from now on. Even though they mostly sucks, but all artists had to start from the bottom and work your way up right?
I already posted my portfolio on my other blog, so here is a few things that I did over the summer and what I am doing now =).
 A random gauche painting I did over the summer, which all started when i found this interesting castle-like house that I found in a fashion megazine. I did not like the painting at all because the colours are way too dirty=.=////..
Something random I did two weeks ago.. I really really want to get better at digital pianting and the stage where I am at right now makes me feel pretty hopeless =.=...

I have A LOT of improving to do...Workhardworkhardworkhard ><
Will most likely do an assignment dump sometime next week. =)

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